Via ferrata meets yoga with The North Face*

1 day, 8 participants, train and relax

Via ferrata technique from A-Z in perfect training terrain

We take yoga out of the studios and to all the great places our beautiful home has to offer. Here, the Alpspitze is the focus.
That's why we are now bringing yoga to the mountain! And combine it with a via ferrata experience... This combination promises an all-round successful day of action and relaxation. Equipped with a via ferrata set, you will go to the rock in the morning to learn how to climb via ferrata on your own. Our Vivalpin mountain guide will show you tips and tricks about via ferrata, surefootedness and safety techniques.

A highlight is the in-house practice via ferrata. Afterwards, Cristian or one of our Vivalpin guides will show you how to escape the serious yoga studio atmosphere. It's all about a wonderful shared experience, fun, relaxation, lightness and making yoga a little more tangible for everyone.
Everyone is welcome at our yoga class, whether you are a beginner or a "professional yogi" 🙂

Every body is different and there is always a suitable - easier or more challenging - variation for everyone, which is why basically everyone can participate and feel good.
* We are giving away a The North Face backpack among all participants

Program and schedule

Tour schedule
Christian's recommendation
  • Mountain guide:in with the appropriate qualifications
  • Edelrid rental equipment with helmet, via ferrata set and harness
  • Online training course materials
  • Yoga lesson with a qualified yoga teacher

Course contentEquipment know how for via ferrata, roping up, self and companion safety, climbing and descending via ferrata, first aid, retreat technique, alpine hazards.

Daily rate: meeting point, welcome by the guide and equipment check, training of the course contents in the Vivalpin course area, yoga lesson


Note on program changes: 

All courses and guided tours are conscientiously organized and carried out in accordance with the safety standards of the Vivalpin Mountain and Ski School with qualified specialists (e.g. mountain and ski guides, mountain hiking guides, etc.). The provisional tour program may be adjusted for safety-related reasons, such as bad weather, dangerous conditions, unforeseen natural events or inadequate conditions of the participants. The final program will be decided by the guide on site.

You don't need any specific prior knowledge for the via ferrata courses. You can expect ascents into the course area of up to 300 m or 1 h. You should be sure-footed and enjoy exercise for the training. You will spend a total of 4 to 5 hours in the training area or on the via ferrata and need to be in good physical condition. No yoga experience is necessary either.

"Actually, this is the perfect combination: highly concentrated to train the technique of via ferrata walking and then relax in beautiful nature. My tip after a busy week at work!"

Christian Zanfir
UIMLA Mountain Guide
Yoga Trainer

6-8 TN

8:00 am at the Alpinwelt (directly below the Kreuzeckbahn valley station)

AV Huts; Kreuzeckhaus or Erfurter Hütte

1 day

Public transport to Garmisch-Partenkirchen - recommendable, Rofan - not recommendable

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