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For more than 30 years we fulfill mountain dreams and accompany you to your dream destination!

Our team stands for alpine competence and highest quality, because nothing beats the safety of our customers. Therefore, we rely on trained professionals for all offers, who are happy to pass on their enthusiasm and experience in mountain sports to you.
Whether you are a beginner or an ambitious mountaineer, we offer high quality courses, guides and events in mountain and ski sports 365 days a year. Our focus is your experience and your complete satisfaction in all our services. We look forward to your individual request and can't wait to welcome you and give you an unforgettable time in the mountains.

We love the mountains and our profession!

Our recommendations

Online training: Risk management ice cream

1 h, 50 participants, Level 1-3
Zugspitze Trek

 Zugspitze Trek

4 days, 8 participants, easy multi-day hike
Alpspitze Ferrata

Alpspitz Ferrata

1 day, 6 participants, via ferrata B
Wildspitze (3.774 m) high tour course

Wildspitze (3.774 m) high tour course

3 days, 4 participants, medium-difficulty alpine tour with via ferrata C
Fit on the glacier and on high altitude tours

Fit on the glacier and on high altitude tours

3 days, 8 participants, intensive training for independent high altitude tours