Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you will find questions and answers to the most common topics related to our mountain school program.

Booking & Payment

You can select your desired payment method (on account, by direct debit or credit card) when completing the booking. When paying by direct debit or credit card, the full amount will be debited immediately. When paying by invoice, the tour price is due no later than 4 weeks before the start of the tour. Before that we are happy to receive a deposit of € 100,-, as long as the course price is at least € 199,-.

Unfortunately, there is no reduction or discount for Alpine Club members.

Cancellation & Travel Cancellation

If a course is cancelled before the start of the course, the course fee will be refunded on a pro-rata basis according to our terms and conditions. The rest will be retained as a cancellation fee. This varies from € 50,00 to 95% of the course price. The scale can be found in our terms and conditions. No credit note will be issued for the cancellation costs. We therefore recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. This can be taken out immediately when booking the course as an additional item or via our homepage (if you want an annual insurance or packages).

We are unable to provide a pro-rata refund for all courses. We therefore recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. This can be purchased right away from our partner the Alliance be completed.

If the minimum number of participants specified in the course is not reached, we may have to cancel a course. Weekly events will be cancelled up to 10 days and weekend or day events up to 3 days before the start of the event. We will of course try to find an alternative date or a suitable alternative for you.

If you book a course via our homepage, you can take out a travel cancellation insurance with our partner Alliance be taken out. This also includes travel interruption insurance. Some credit cards include travel cancellation insurance. You are welcome to pay the course fee by credit card, so that you are then immediately insured.

Course Organization & Participants

For training courses (climbing, via ferrata, ice climbing, freeride and ski touring courses, safety days, etc.) there are usually 5-8 participants. For hiking tours there can be up to 10 participants. For very demanding tours (Jubiläumsgrat, high altitude tours, etc.) the number of participants is indicated in the respective course. If there are more participants, a second guide will be added.

Each participant must assess himself on the basis of our requirement specifications. It can therefore naturally happen that the homogeneity within the group does not always match 100%. Our mountain guides/guides adapt the tours/pace/etc. to the group and, if necessary, other possible solutions are sought if the performance levels diverge significantly.

All age groups are represented in our courses. If age is a registration criterion for you, you can of course ask us in advance about the age of the other course participants.

We have been operating a detailed and comprehensive risk management system to prevent accidents for decades. Our risk management is also continuously improved and adapted. Only qualified and selected mountain & ski guides are used on all tours. Thus, Vivalpin looks back on 30 years of experience and during this time not a single serious accident has occurred.

No, but we send a list of participants before the course so that the participants can coordinate with each other. Even if you do not live in close proximity with the other participants, you can meet at a central point and travel together to the meeting point.

A cancellation because of bad weather is very rare. Of course, we have tours in the program where the weather plays a major role. Here the respective mountain guide informs reliably and must cancel the tour (e.g. Jubilee Ridge) if necessary. All less demanding courses or tours are rather rarely canceled. The course is carried out as well as possible and the program is adapted accordingly. Of course, the mountain guide always keeps an eye on the weather or the avalanche situation and varies the program accordingly. Should a course really be cancelled in advance because of the weather, you will of course get your course fee back. If the tour has to be changed or cancelled on the way, the tour price will not be refunded proportionally. Not used services will be paid back, as far as they can still be cancelled by us.

(Rental) Equipment & Safety

Alpine equipment is provided free of charge for all beginner courses. Please indicate the required equipment at the time of registration. On the website you will find a packing or equipment list to download for each course. Additional rental equipment can be booked for all tours. The rental and the prices are only valid in connection with a VIVALPIN booking! The corresponding equipment lists are deposited with the courses / tours as a download.

Unfortunately, a price reduction when using your own equipment is not possible.

Rental equipment cannot be purchased after the end of the season, as we return a large portion to our equipment partners.

We have an organizer liability insurance, but for accident and rescue costs etc. you are responsible yourself. When booking a course via our homepage, you can immediately take out a travel cancellation insurance. This also includes travel interruption insurance. With some credit cards a travel cancellation insurance is included. You are welcome to pay the course fee by credit card, so that you are then immediately insured.