Ski tours & avalanche courses

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On the road with the ski touring and avalanche experts

Ski touring is the supreme discipline of mountaineering. Because the ascent and descent demand a lot of your skills and condition. But ski touring is also one of the most beautiful and exciting mountain sports. We are ready to share with you the most beautiful peaks, the best descents and many wonderful experiences. You can find more information and stories about ski touring in our!

Ski touring & avalanche courses
Online Training: Snow - Avalanche - Risk
Safety Days
Private mountain and ski guide:in
Ski touring days on the Julier Pass
Ski tours in the Schmirn Valley
Skiing training with summit ascent of the Wildspitze
Triglav ski tours
Ötztal Haute Route
Ski touring & freeriding on Senja, Norway
Snow and avalanches update