Zugspitze Iron Age

1 day, 2 participants, long climbing tour up to IV degree through a 1.000m wall
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One of the longest climbing routes in Germany

Wild and demanding, that's how the "Eisenzeit" presents itself on the Zugspitze. With a wall height of 1,200m and a total of 2,000Hm, the Eisenzeit is also one of the longest climbing routes in Germany. The difficulties do not exceed the IV degree of difficulty, but nevertheless the overall requirements as well as the overall experience are very high. You can find much more information and suggestions at https://vivalpin.blog/harakiri-in-der-eisenzeit A tour with the VIVALPIN mountain school in Garmisch-Partenkirchen only for fit and experienced mountaineers.

Program and schedule

Tour schedule
Alex recommendation
  • Mountain guide:in with the appropriate qualifications
  • Edelrid alpine equipment (Edelrid harness, helmet)

Meeting place At the parking lot of the Eibsee cable car, issue of rental equipment. Joint ascent in about 1.5h to Riffblriss, from here in a few minutes to the entrance. From here about 4h to the exit of the iron time and then again in about 1.5h over the upper part of the Höllentalroute to the summit of the Zugspitze. Descent with the Zugspitpzbahn. More info and suggestions for the tour can be found at https://vivalpin.blog/harakiri-in-der-eisenzeit.

Change of programAll courses and guided tours are conscientiously organized and carried out according to the safety standards of the VIVALPIN Mountain and Ski School with qualified mountain and ski guides. An adaptation of the proven tour program is possible for safety reasons such as bad weather, dangerous conditions or insufficient prerequisites of the participants:inside. The decision for the final program is made by the mountain guide on site.

A tour only for fit and experienced climbers. Safe climbing in the IV degree. Very good condition for up to 2100Hm ascent.

"The Iron Age is a fantastic climbing route in the humanely rated IV. Grade through a 1,000m wall.
With mountain guide:in you will have the purest pleasure, because you do not have to search for the route and you can rely on the rope safety from above even in the not always completely reliable rock.
By late afternoon, you'll reach the summit feeling like you've accomplished something very special!"

Alex Baier
State certified mountain and ski guide

2 TN

05:00 at the parking lot of the Zugspitzbahn

Base AV huts and inn

1 day

Public transport recommended

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