Großglockner (3.798 m) high tour course 

3 days, 2 participants, intensive training for advanced with summit ascent
    Großglockner (3.798 m) high tour course
    Großglockner (3.798 m) high tour course
    Großglockner (3.798 m) high tour course
    Großglockner (3.798 m) high tour course

Learn mountaineering at the highest peak in Austria

If you want to improve your skills and knowledge, where better than with a mountain professional on a high altitude tour? 

The Großglockner, Austria's highest peak, offers everything that makes a real high-altitude tour: flat and steep slopes, glaciers, rock and ice passages and, last but not least, a steep but only moderately difficult climb on the exposed summit ridge and a fantastic summit. Your mountain and ski guide will train the basics for easy and moderately difficult alpine tours with you before the summit tour. This includes basic crampon and safety techniques, as well as suitable tour planning and up-to-date rescue techniques and crevasse rescue. 
The Stüdlhütte (2,820 m) and the Adlersruhe (3,454 m) await you as a base for this high-altitude tour. 

Program and schedule

Tour schedule
Theo's recommendation
  • State certified mountain guide:in
  • Hut reservation
  • Edelrid mountaineering equipment with crampons, ice axe, helmet, climbing harness
  • Online training (1 h)
  • Course documents

Additional costs

  • Overnight stays in huts with half board (paid on site)
  • Snacks, drinks
  • Arrival, possibly parking fee

Day 1: Meeting point in Kals or at the Lucknerhaus parking lot, equipment check, ascent to the Stüdlhütte (2,801 m), repetition of crampon technique, crevasse rescue, etc.

2nd day: Extensive ice training on the Ködnitzkees and ascent to the Adlersruhe (3,454 m)

Day 3: Summit ascent of the Großglockner on the normal route via Glocknerleitl, Kleinglockner and upper Glocknerscharte in stimulating climbing to the summit of the Großglockner, descent to Lucknerhaus


Note on program changes: 

All courses and guided tours are conscientiously organized and carried out in accordance with the safety standards of the Vivalpin Mountain and Ski School with qualified specialists (e.g. mountain and ski guides, mountain hiking guides, etc.). The provisional tour program may be adjusted for safety-related reasons, such as bad weather, dangerous conditions, unforeseen natural events or inadequate conditions of the participants. The final program will be decided by the guide on site.

  • Up to 1,000 m ascent and 1,700 m descent
  • Stamina for up to 4 h ascent
  • Surefootedness and freedom from vertigoClimbing experience up to II degree of difficulty
  • High altitude touring experience, private preparation tour with altitude adjustment recommended

"Not for nothing is the highest mountain in Austria one of the most popular alpine tours. The climbing is much easier than it appears in the photo above but still never trivial.
The rock is bombastic from the Glocknerleitl and from the Obere Glocknerscharte you climb like on a (extremely exposed) ladder to the highest point. Metal poles allow your mountain guide to secure you well on the ascent and descent and you can fully concentrate on your climbing."

Theo Förster
State certified mountain and ski guide
since 2022 with VIVALPIN

2 TN

Meeting point on the 1st day at 10:00 am at the Lucknerhaus/Kals

Stüdlhütte and Adlersruhe

3 days

Public transport conditionally recommendable

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