Ötztal Haute Route

5 days, 4 participants, level 2
    Ötztal Haute Route
    Ötztal Haute Route

One of the best ski crossings of the Alps

Similaun (3,599 m), Weißkugel (3,739 m) and Wildspitze (3,774 m) are among the highest peaks in Tyrol. And what's more: they can be skied side by side in a unique ski traverse. In between, you can expect high alpine crossings, extensive glaciers and always fantastic skiing terrain. The bases also fit in well: they are particularly hospitable and spoil their guests with the best Tyrolean cuisine. Overall, this Haute Route is considered one of the best ski crossings in the Alps for experienced tourers.

Program and schedule

Tour schedule
Daniel's recommendation
  • Mountain guide:in with the appropriate qualification
  •  4x overnight stay
  • Rich breakfast
  • Evening menu with several courses
  • Emergency equipment (Ortovox avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel and probe, on loan)
  • Edelrid glacier equipment (rope harness, ice axe, crampons, carabiners)
  • Free participation in our online training: Snow and avalanche awareness (1 h)

Additional costs

  • Arrival
  • Snacks, drinks

Day 1 Ascent to the Similaun hut (3,017 m)

Day 2 From the Similaun (3,599 m) via the Hauslabjoch to the Hochjochhospiz (2,413 m)

Day 3 Over the Weißkugel (3,739 m) to the Hochjochhospiz

Day 4 Ascent to the Fluchtkogel (3,500 m), descent to the Vernagthütte (2,755 m)

Day 5 Ötztal Wildspitze (3,774 m), dream descent to Vent (1,890 m)


Note on program changes: 

All courses and guided tours are conscientiously organized and carried out in accordance with the safety standards of the Vivalpin Mountain and Ski School with qualified specialists (e.g. mountain and ski guides, mountain hiking guides, etc.). The provisional tour program may be adjusted for safety-related reasons, such as bad weather, dangerous conditions, unforeseen natural events or inadequate conditions of the participants. The final program will be decided by the guide on site.

Good skiing skills in any snow and terrain, experience in ski touring, mastery of the kick/tip turn technique, good physical condition for 1,200 m ascent or 5 h ascent

"The Ötztal Haute Route is the perfect ski crossing. You start at an altitude of 1,900 m in a winter wonderland with fantastic peaks and unique descents. The difficulties as well as the technical and fitness requirements are kept within limits."

Daniel Wittmann
State certified mountain and ski guide
since 2003 with VIVALPIN  

4 TN

Meeting point on the first day of the course at 09:00 am in Vent at the chairlift parking lot

High mountain bases of the Alpine Club with multi-bed rooms and limited comfort

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