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Ski tours in the land of volcanoes and geysers

e.g.: 7 days, 5-8 participants, level 1-2

Vikurhyrna is the name of a small, rather inconspicuous peak on the north coast of Iceland. It is 822 meters high and one of the best descents of the past winter runs precisely over these 822 meters. On the last day of our trip to Iceland, the sky is surprisingly cloudless, we change our plans and climb over hard-frozen slopes to the steep summit early in the morning. Not a soul is to be seen for miles around, the icy Arctic Ocean shines to the north, the fjord cuts deep into the coast to the west and peak after peak rises above the horizon to the east and south. The descent on the fresh firn is a dream. Even the exposed summit slope is perfect, as is the rest of the 822 vertical meters, always with an ideal incline and always in grippy, easy-to-swing firn. The luck is complete when a gentle snow gully below the snow line leads over the last few meters to the sea. 
Since 2017, we have been conducting regular ski tours in Iceland, in the classic areas around Troll Peninsula but also on the highest peak in the south, the 2,110m high Hvannadalshnúkur.
Iceland is always worth a trip, not only because of the ski touring opportunities, but also because of the beautiful nature and sights, as well as the culture and the many exotic impressions that you will take home with you. Iceland can be reached by direct flight from Germany. From Keflavik airport, it is another 6-hour transfer to Siglufjörður, the starting point for most ski tours.
We organize the complete ski touring trip with all our know-how on your desired date and in the best possible bases. You benefit from our experience, the tailor-made offer and the individual guidance in a homogeneous group. 

Price example: 6 days ski tours with state-certified mountain and ski guide with 6 participants in very good bases (double room + breakfast) from € 1.650,- p.p. plus flight and rental car

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Program and schedule

Tour schedule
Christof's recommendation

Included services:
Individual advice and organization of the trip
Mountain guide with the appropriate qualifications and local knowledge
Expenses of the mountain guide
Ortovox emergency equipment (on loan)

Recommendation: Day 1: Flight Keflavik and approx. 6h transfer and sightseeing to Silo Hotel.2nd-6th day: Ski tours, transfer to Reykjavik in the evening Day 7: Journey home Note on program changes: All courses and guided tours are conscientiously organized and carried out in accordance with the safety standards of the Vivalpin Mountain and Ski School with qualified specialists (e.g. mountain and ski guides, mountain hiking guides, etc.). The provisional tour program may be adjusted for safety-related reasons, such as bad weather, dangerous conditions, unforeseen natural events or inadequate conditions of the participants. The final program will be decided by the guide on site.

You have experience on ski tours and ski mountaineering tours, have good off-piste skiing technique on the ascent (including hairpin bends), on the descent and are fit for a 3-hour or 1,000-meter ascent.

"Iceland is always worth a trip. The mountains are not too high and most of the climbs are technically easy. The overall package of nature experience, exotic ski tours and the Icelandic lifestyle is outstanding. My personal highlight was the ski tour to the highest peak on the island, the 2,110m high Hvannadalshnúkur, together with Icelandic friends."

Christof Schellhammer
State certified mountain and ski guide
Mountain School Director

1-8 participants Private tour

Keflavik at the airport, with Icelandair flight at 4 pm on the first day

Recommendation Siglo Hotel

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