Online courses

Online training on the subject of mountain sports

What you always wanted to know about an important mountain sports topic, you can now ask an expert. 

Already in summer 2020 we made excellent experiences with online trainings, so that we now offer them to all our guests. If you have booked a corresponding weekend course or guided tour, the online trainings are free of charge for you.

The online courses are methodically carefully structured and complement the VIVALPIN practical courses and guided tours in an ideal way. So you are well prepared for independent tours.

The following topics are available:


  • High altitude tours
    • Tour planning and assessment of difficulty
    • Good and bad conditions
    • Objective decision bases and the human factor
  • Safe on the via ferrata
    • The importance of PPE the personal protective equipment
    • Tactics and technique on via ferrata
    • Objective and subjective dangers
  • Perfectly prepared for the tour
    • What must be in the backpack
    • 1x1 of map knowledge
    • How long do I need for which route?
  • Alpine crossings
    • Physical and technical requirements
    • What can I expect on the alpine crossings?
    • Equipment and backpack



  • Snow and avalanche knowledge - the basics for every ski tourer and freerider 
    • Snowpack and snow mechanics
    • Avalanche types
    • Accident examples
    • Objective decision bases and the human factor
    • Decision strategies and risk management